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Course review

So how did you find the course?


The main goal of this course was to give an introduction into the basic aspects of life and how it can affect metabolism. Each task touched on one of these aspects. 

  • Calorie and nutrient intake over time: hinted that activity a missing component of many peoples lives. 
  • The effect of daily habits: Showed the power of small changes to regular habits
  • Cereal or fruit pie?: Gave exmaples of simple ways to add fun and quality to daily habits
  • Effect of 1 mile day: Shows the benefit of activity as a daily habit
  • Sleep, cholesterol, memory and learning: Hinted at the importance of quality sleep in daily habits
  • Balanced lifestyle, balanced energy flow: A look at what a balanced lifestyle might look like.

That's what was intended but was it achieved. Please let me know.  Your opinions and ideas are very much valued. This was a prototype course that I intend to redraft given the experience and feedback into a much shorter course with better focus and simplicity. Your feedback will really help me improve the next version. 

Don't know what to say? Try these starter questions:

  • Was the level right for you? was it too intense, not enough or just right?
  • Did the tasks make you think? 
  • How could I improve the layout, content or delivery?
  • Did the course match your expectations? why?


Thanks everyone for helping me with this. I hope you had fun and learnt something. Looking forward to seeing you on future courses. 



Task Discussion