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Week Five - That's a Wrap

Hello Everyone, 

I have some news, you may like and you may not, but I've been obsessing over it how to phrase it for a few days and I think it's best that I just blurt it out and state that my intention is for the greater good of all concerned.
As you'll know, this is the first time I've ran this course on P2PU and the feedback has been really good. I know that in the comments I left on blogs and the messages we've exchanged over the last 8 weeks, learning has indeed taken place. 
However the course is taking a phenomenal amount of time to prepare. Much more than I anticipated and I simply can't keep up the pace of running it / writing it at the same time as well as dealing with my design practice and the inevitable business related residue that a design practice produces as waste product.
We're now at the end of the bit of the course that deals with html and I've taken the decision to do one things.
1.  Stop this course now.
2.  Narrow the scope of the course and possibly create two courses instead of just one.
I realise the decision to stop the course from running any further may come as a disappointment to some of you and I am truly sorry about that. But at this point in time I simply don't have the available free time to be able compose the lessons on the fly - I need to spend some dedicated time putting them together before I run the next iteration of the course(s).
Of course, for anyone who has completed week four work I will of course leave feedback as usual - you don't get rid of my that easily.
When the next course open up and if the new courses are ready then anyone who has paricipated in this course ( even if you've just done one week's worth of work) will have a first refusal on places.
I hope what we've done together in the past few weeks has been of use to you and that you have learned more than you thought you would be able to. I know I have.
If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.
ps - ideally I would have liked to email this to everyone, but this functionality doesn't exist on the new site just yet. So apologies if you're only just finding out about it.

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