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Discusión de la Tarea

  • Anónimo   14 de mayo de 2011 a las 13:28

    I am indeed interested in doing this. Just what do you need me to do?

  • Joe Corneli   14 de mayo de 2011 a las 19:31
    En Respuesta A:   Anónimo   14 de mayo de 2011 a las 13:28

    Hi Wesley: Do you have one of the "tasks" in mind that you find most interesting?  If so, I think the thing to do is start posting thoughts there.  I think you can make your own rules - maybe start outlining some some specific things to do based on the task of your choice?  You can count on me and Charlie to give comments or feedback on anything you write here, and I hope others as well.  We can take things to the p2pu community mailing list if we need a wider opinion.  The tasks can be distributed on a first come first served basis.  And if you have a new one in mind feel free to introduce it.  Sound like a reasonable starting place?  Joe