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Homework week 2 [July 12, 2012, 5:01 p.m.]

Please select one or two of these options:

1.    Explore Guided Inquiry Strategies for PhET use and test your understanding using the Guideline Practice

a)    Read PhET guide for Inquiry Activities

b)    Review Demonstration of alignment for isotope activity

c)    Try Guideline Practice pH Scale


2.Want more ideas about how teachers use PhET? Read one of these and submit a reflection.

a)    Check out Trish’s Sugar and Salt Activity

b)    PhETUse homework

c)    PhETUseLecture

3.    Interested in PhET research? Read an article and submit a reflection.

a)   Teaching physics using PhET simulations 

b)    Factors promoting engaged exploration with computer simulations

c)    What Levels of Guidance Promote Engaged Exploration with Interactive Simulations?