posted message: Has anyone already downloaded and organized all of the content for this course (ie Shephards, Alex, Phillip?), it would be really cool if we could get a download link with everything (etherpads, lectures, tasks, etc)! If not, I will click the clicks and make everyone a package.
posted message: theCole, chrislkelle and corbinsmith helped me out a lot by pointing me to these resources for data visualization, so I thought I would post them in case someone else was incessantly googling looking for something they knew existed but coming up short after eating only one sandwich and spending the entire day looking at a screen that had 72 windows open, which led them to believe that their blood sugar was too low and that they were total morons:
posted message: is it a bug that when you click a "see comment" in an email or on a user profile, it just takes you to the front page of comments? Seems like it should go directly to the comment that you are clicking on (or at least that page). Has anyone else been annoyed with that? If so, let me know it's not just me, and I'll submit a bug to lighthouse!