posted message: Overall, I like P2PU, though there are several major issues needing addressed. #1 - When challenges are created & criteria are set, directions must be followed. Badges mean nothing if there isn't a way to verify whether or not directions were followed and whether the work meets the criteria. This process is terribly sloppy and until it is addressed, P2PU is little more than a clunky social network. #2 - When people complete all the stages of a challenge & meet the criteria of a badge, badges must be awarded in a consistent & timely fashion. #3 - The P2PU website is extremely slow.
posted message: Four challenges down, and so far, so good. Webmaking 101 is entry level, exactly as it would seem. However, the interaction within the P2PU platform and the engagement on other's websites, make it fun, even for someone who isn't entry level.
posted message: I've heard about P2PU before, and read another article about it today ( I'm not one to support the traditional education model, so I thought I'd see exactly what P2PU is all about. What better way to see, than to try it out, right?