4. Shouting Cleverly


  1. Marketing is expensive ….but vital.
  2. Try to define a mutual benefit for marketing partners.
  3. Define your target audience and get them shouting for you.


Now that you have a brand, the very next part of the journey is to ask the question: How do I tell my potential customers about my idea?

This is a vital part of the process, because we need to direct our message to people who are more likely to be interested in our idea.

For example, if you had designed a special walking stick you wouldn’t want to waste much time talking to teenagers about it. But you would want to talk to older people and those people rehabilitating from an accident or a medical procedure.

This in marketing terminology is call identifying your “demographics”

In the early stages where finances are scarce “word of mouth” is probably the most effective. That is, tell you friends and rely on your friends to talk about your idea. Another very effective way to spread your message may be through “You Tube”, think about how Justin Bieber got his start in the music business.


  • Identify your target audience. Who is likely to buy your product/service?
  • What is your communication objective? How do you evoke the purchase decision? Is it through awareness, knowledge, liking or preference?
  • Design your message. Is it a rational, emotional or moral message? Is it a combination of all three?
  • Choose the media. Will you use social media, traditional advertising or word of mouth?
  • Message Source. Who will be the face of your communication: you or a celebrity?


Your task is to create a communication concept for your product or service based upon the communications steps outlined above.

Check out this commercial for Kinder Surprise:

What is the message and who is it directed to? How would the message appeal to fathers from an emotional point of view? What effect does the little girl have on the market audience? What does this ad suggest the product will do for your relationship with your child? Post your answers on the discussion board.


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