6. Learning from Mistakes


  1. There is often no previous pathway therefore mistakes are inevitable.
  2. Mistakes are essential for learning.
  3. Four ways to deal with mistakes are: time, partnerships, research and revisiting your 'thing'.


From a young age, we are taught not to make mistakes. For many people, mistakes are intolerable. But when you are doing something new – mistakes are inevitable. It’s what happens after things go wrong. This is critical – making the most of mistakes sounds bizarre but it’s exactly what good entrepreneurs do.

How they do it obviously differs, but they seem to shine a different light on the problem. Good entrepreneurs either see ways around the obstacles in their paths or find new opportunities from what they’ve learned. Some even say they love making mistakes because then they really think!

Often when you take an idea into the market place it fails. If you learn the right lessons you can rediscover your passion, go back to the 'thing' that made you want to be an entrepreneur and then create a different product that still serves that passion.


Write down possible set backs you might face when bringing your product or service to market. Write down three other types of product or service you might be able to create given your strengths and passions.


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