Module 2: Collaborative writing

After you've read the background of this project on the Introduction page, it's time to move on to the actual writing of the story!

How will this work? We will all develop the story together, by writing it - sentence by sentence - in a shared document on Google Drive. Anybody can contribute a sentence, or as many sentences as you'd like!

Here is the first sentence of the story:

On his way home, Hashtag the Snail stumbled upon another snail's shell. He looked around, wondering who this mysterious shell belonged to, but there was no other snail in sight.

  • What happens next? How does Hashtag use the Internet to find the shell's true owner and return it to them? What kind of surprises and/or obstacles does he encounter on the way?
  • The only requirement is that Hashtag must somehow use the Internet to accomplish his goal.
  • Remember that the target age group is 5-8 year-olds, and the target length of the final story is 20-30 sentences. As per the structure of a good story, we should aim to have an introduction/exposition, build-up, climax, and resolution.

Please add the next sentences (along with your P2PU username so we can all know who contributed what) on the shared Google Doc that I created:

(No sign-in or account creation is required.)

If you want to establish an overall plot before you start writing, feel free to discuss it here in the comments on this page. Otherwise, you can jump into writing and see where the story goes by adding the next sentence on the Google Doc!


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