Module 3: Collaborative illustration

Time for drawing snails! :-)

On the Google Doc, sign up to illustrate a sentence. This can be the sentence that you contributed, or someone else's sentence.

  • If you don't have Paint or Photoshop on your computer, Pixlr is a free online alternative:
  • You can also draw it by hand and scan the drawing or take a picture of it.
  • Other options are collages, photos, ASCII art, or any other creative way you can think of representing this snail in action!

Once you've completed the illustration, upload the image here as a comment, along with the sentence that it represents. (To upload an image, click on the image icon that appears once you start typing a comment.) I'll start us up with the first illustration, representing the opening sentence of the story.

NOTE ABOUT VISUAL CONSISTENCY: In illustrating the next sentences, please try to keep Hashtag's image as consistent as possible. The illustrations don't have to be perfectly identical, and little stylistic variations are charming (that's the beauty of so many people coming together for a creative purpose!), but just try to draw Hashtag's main features in a similar fashion, so that kids don't get confused from one page to the other.


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