Badgeable Activity 3: Mapping the way

To earn this week 3 badge for the Adopting Open Textbook workshop, you must:

  1. Create a roadmap for adopting an open textbook. Think through the scenario of your adoption and what institutional roles might be impacted by that decision. Consider your students, your faculty colleagues, your librarians, your helpdesk, your senior management team...and of course yourself.

  2. What does adopting an open textbook look like for you? Is it as simple as finding one and sending the link to your students? What institutional support would be helpful for you?

  3. In your own way (via your blog, within the comments below, a shared Google Document, a drawing) create a roadmap or an outline of what steps you might take towards adopting an open textbook.

  4. Post your roadmap online and apply for the badge below by clicking on "apply for this badge".


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