Badgeable Activity 4: Life of a CC-BY open textbook

This week's badgeable activity is to create a graphic, video or some other type of visual representation of the life of a CC-BY open textbook that takes into account the adaptable nature of the book.

Think about the life of an open textbook. Start from the creation of the book and map out how that book can be distributed, modified, remixed, adapted and redistributed. Think back to the video we watched in week one that showed how open educational resources work.

Create a flowchart of the life of that open textbook from creation to distribution, reuse and remix and so on down the line. Try to imagine what the life of the textbook could look at once it has been copied and redistributed, remixed and altered numerous times and in various different contexts. Ask yourself: Who are the players in the life of an open textbook, and what roles do they have? How might the life of the textbook be different if the textbook had a more restrictive license, such as CC-BY-ND ? (Remember, an -ND or non-derivative license does not allow the book to be changed or modified.)

Think of a metaphor for the life of the textbook, like this one which compares the lifecycle of an open educational resource to that of milk. Can you think of other analogies that could work which explain the lifecycle of an open textbook?

Graphic showing metaphoric lifecycle of an OER comparing an OER to milk

Attribution: An interesting OER metaphor from JISC Open Educational Resources infoKit released under a CC-BY-SA license

Post your illustration online (you can post anywhere you wish or, if you are looking for a space, we have a shared Google Doc that you can use) and apply for the badge by clicking on "apply for this badge" below.


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