Law is complicated. Copyright is complex. But for those who want to share their work with other people on the net, Creative Commons licensing can be a good solution. They help you to make your work available on certain set terms, without giving up your full copyright. The Creative Commons licences are tailored to be easy-to-use, but that doesn’t mean people don’t frequently find it confusing. That is where this course comes in.

This course doesn’t aim to teach you about Creative Commons. For more information on what it is and how the different licenses work, try the Get CC Savvy course. This course is exactly what the title says - it will help you with the steps of getting a CC license and putting it on your work. It’s tailored to websites, although the same steps apply to most other works.

CC licenses are meant to simplify sharing. By following these simple steps, you will get the hang of sharing and discover a great community of creators, educators, and others contributing to "the commons" along the way. Participate, remix, share -- it's easy!

Course image by TilarX hosted on Flickr CreativeCommons licensed in CC-BY.