Critiquing and Redesigning the Syllabus

Time frame for this activity: (30 mins)

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how and why the genre of the online syllabus differs from the on-campus course syllabus (Knowledge and Comprehension)
  • Understand the specific components that should be included in a syllabus for an online course (Knowledge and Comprehension)
  • Analyze and evaluate a syllabus using a rubric to determine its effectiveness for an online
    (Analysis & Evaluation)

Roadmapwith pushpins (Image Source: Flickr Amy Andress )

1. Read the "Syllabus Evaluation Rubric from Cornell University" (approx. 10 mins.)

2. Negotiation of Meaning (approx. 20 mins.)

Using the Cornell University rubric as a guide, analyze and evaluate a syllabus. Access the syllabus by clicking on this Google doc.

  • Add your comments to the Google doc and edit the Google doc Syllabus to critique and redesign it.

  • Which components are missing?

  • On the Google doc, comment on which components you have added or would add and why to create a more effective online syllabus.

  • Refer to the Cornell Rubric and on the Google doc comment on which components are beginning, emerging or exemplary.

  • Reply to another participant's comments or edits on the Google doc.

  • Use the comment section below for any questions or additional comments you may have.

** Here is a guide on how to use Google docs.


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