Designing Your Online Syllabus

Time frame for this activity: (30 mins)

Learning Objective:

  • Generate a syllabus with the essential components for an online learning environment (Application & Synthesis)

Blueprint (Image Source: Shutterstock Image ID: 177394745)

Experiencing Your Knowledge and Formative Assessment (approx. 30 mins.)

Now it's your turn to design your own online syllabus for an online course you are designing, or preparing to teach online.

  1. Access the online syllabus template on this Google Doc.
  2. Make a copy of this Google doc so you can design your own online syllabus. Design your own online syllabus. You can add or delete the components that will work for your online course.
  3. In the comment section below, share the draft of your online syllabus. Provide the link of your Google doc. Be sure to check your settings so that anyone with the link can comment and offer feedback.
  4. You can also refer to this checklist to help you draft your own online syllabus.
  5. Comment on another participant's syllabus design. You can refer to the Cornell rubric or share your own feedback based on what you know and have learned about syllabus design.

** Here is a guide on how to use Google docs.


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