Contact & Collaboration

Communicating with Your Facilitator

Each week, Laura Quilter, the course facilitator, will hold "Office Hours" in an open chat room, and will be available to answer questions about readings, discussion questions, and any other class-related matters.  These will be held on a "google hangout". Contact Laura through twitter (@lquilter) or google chat (

These open hours will generally be Wednesday mornings, Eastern time, but see each week's assignment for specifics. You can also just drop her an email to set up a time to chat by phone -- or of course, post your question online for Laura or your fellow students!

If you have substantive questions about the course materials or discussion questions, please use the Google forum for this class or Office Hours.  The facilitator will be periodically reviewing the forums, but you may also find that your classmates may be able to assist you, and the Q&A will be available for other students to see as well. 

If you have an urgent question, please send an e-mail to with "Response requested" in the subject line, or find the facilitator online at google chat (

Communicating with Your Peers

The official channels of communication for the course are: (1) The readings and other course materials made available on these pages; (2) The work that you post and discussions at the Google forum for this class ; and (3) Facilitator's office hours held online via Google Chat, or by appointment.

In addition to the Google Group, P2PU also offers a collaborative editing environment which may be helpful in working together on a shared document:


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