Update: The second round of this facilitated course is located at https://p2pu.org/en/courses/620/creative-commons-for-k-12-educators/. It is open for sign-up through August 4, 2013.

This facilitated course ran for 7 weeks (March 18 - May 5, 2013).

Rationale for the course

We want to help K-12 educators find and adapt free, useful resources for their classes. We also want to help them incorporate activities that teach their students digital world skills -- such as finding, remixing, and sharing digital media and materials on the web.

Education Without Limits: Why Open Education Matters by Joseph Sumbi / CC BY

Who should take this course?

  • Elementary, primary, or secondary school educators
  • Anyone interested in primary education who would like to obtain the skills listed below

What will I learn?

Depending on how much you put into the course, you may learn how to:

  • Find educational resources that are open for sharing and remix
  • Remix open educational resources
  • Share remixes on the web
  • Attribute CC licensed materials
  • CC license your work
  • Explain CC licenses and how they work
  • Edit collaboratively
  • Work transparently
  • Advocate openness

What won't I learn?

This course will not cover copyright law. There is another course, called Copyright 4 Educators, that will cover that in depth:

This is not a comprehensive course on the history and impact of openness in education. There is another course, called Intro to Openness in Education, that will survey all of that.

  • Intro to Openness in Education - sign up for this if you are interested in gaining a bird's eye view of openness in education as it applies to education, research, policy, assessment, and more.

What is the time commitment?

The course will run for a period of 7 weeks, as split up to the left (course break-down below). Each week has a different mission that builds on the one previous. Missions may take anywhere from half an hour to two hours or more, depending on how much effort you want to put in that week. There will also be a weekly virtual meetup where the mission is introduced with background information and live discussion. All meetups will be recorded for those who cannot attend and posted on the cc4k12 blog.

Course break-down

  • March 18 - Week 1: Virtual meetup (Introduce yourself and your classroom need, course administration) + Mission for the week
  • March 25 - Week 2: Virtual meetup (Creative Commons in Context) + Mission for the week
  • April 1 - Week 3: Virtual meetup (Find the materials with the rights you need) + Mission for the week
  • April 8 - Week 4: Virtual meetup (Remix and attribute) + Mission for the week
  • April 15 - Week 5: Virtual meetup (Share your work, determine groups for collaborative creation of resource about CC) + Mission(s) for the next 2 weeks
  • April 22 - Week 6: Virtual office hours for support + Collaborate and create on your resource about CC
  • April 29 - Week 7: Virtual meetup (Share your resource about CC) + Final Mission for the course

Communication tools

We will be communicating via weekly virtual meetups, discussion forum, the cc4k12 Wordpress blog, and Twitter. Twitter is optional, but encouraged for connecting with your peers. We will be using the hashtag #cc4k12. For further details, see Communicating in this course on the left.

Peer learning

This is a P2PU course, which means that we are experimenting with new methods of course delivery and rely heavily on peer-to-peer interactions for teaching and learning. Though this course will have a facilitator, the learning is up to you! You will get out however much you put in, especially when it comes to group and classroom projects in the later weeks. Learn more about P2PU's theory of learning here.

Who is facilitating the course?

My name is Jane Park and I have been with Creative Commons since 2008. When it comes to CC licenses, I know my stuff! I have also been a volunteer with P2PU for just about as long, so I know a thing or two about this community. To read more about me or anyone else taking this course, go to the 'People' tab up top and you'll find links to all of our profiles. You can also learn more about me over at the Creative Commons staff page.

As the facilitator, I will host and record our weekly virtual meetups, enable you to contribute to the cc4k12 blog, and answer your questions to the best of my ability via the discussion forum for each week.

Reuse this course

Except otherwise noted, all course contents on this site and participant contributions to the cc4k12 blog are licensed under CC BY-SA, the default license of p2pu.org. We encourage you to publish your own works elsewhere under the same or more liberal license. Remember that if you build on anything in this course, you must share-alike.

Photo credit: "Aap-Noot-Mies / Primer in the classroom" by Nationaal Archief has no known copyright restrictions