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Week Four, Dutch Baroque & Final Assessment

In the final week of this study group we will complete our section on Dutch Baroque art, visit two more museums, and complete a final exam to assess what we have learned.  We will learn about artists, movements, and the related historical climate.  You should try to get a sense for the distinct oeuvre of each of the artists examined and also recognize important works of art on sight.  We should also build on our experience during our first museum visit and be attuned to the visual learning process in a museum environment.


First Session:

Complete sections through on the "Saylor Foundation, Art History 207" course.  You should stop BEFORE the museum assignment at the end of section


Second Session:

Complete the "Museum Visit #2" on the "Saylor Foundation, Art History 207" course in section


Third Session:

Complete the "Final Assessment," listed as a separate "Task," which is a truncated version of the Final Exam for the Saylor Foundations "ARTH207: Baroque Art to Neoclassicism."

Task Discussion