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Join a Group Meeting - Fridays [10am GMT]

Fridays - 10am GMT

Participation in this meeting task is voluntary.

Group meetings are a great way to meet each other in real-time and discuss the challenges that we collectively face.

European Meeting Time

Participants in Europe and East-coast US meet on Fridays at 10am GMT.

Where: Voxli (specific channel to be announced via etherpad prior to the call)

Agenda and note taking: (


  • Add any relevant items to the agenda.
  • Test Voxli (click "Start a Conversation").
  • Make sure your headphones and microphone are working before you join the call. You'll need to hold down "Push to Talk" in Voxli to have your voice picked up.

Can't make this meeting? Coordinate your own!

This meeting time ended up being most suitable for European participants. 

If you'd like to arrange an alternative time to meet participants in a similar time-zone, please use this task field to communicate your additional meeting times to the group.

It will be best to use the same etherpad for note taking so that all participants can keep track of the conversation threads across meetings.

Respond To This Task

Before the meeting: Respond to the Doodle link and add items to the agenda if you wish. If you're able to attend the meeting time, please leave a comment below.

After the meeting: if you volunteered to create a task or identify resources please add them to the study group pages. 

If you blogged about the meeting, share the post link below!

Could we organise meetings differently? Share your ideas in the comments:

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