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Proposed Meeting Time - Mondays 2100 GMT

I'd like to schedule a new meeting time for the Blogging and Writing on the Web Study Group - starting from next Monday (November 21st).



TBA at

You'll need a working headset and microphone to participate fully in the meeting.

Also load the Etherpad to review notes during the meeting


UTC / GMT (London) 2100
Central European Time UTC +1 (Berlin, Vienna) 2200
Pacific Time (San Francisco) Mon
Eastern Time (New York) Mon

November 21st Agenda

I want to bring all the people attending up to speed with the current status of the group and to support the multiple goals in the group from those who want to keep a personal blog to those with a more commercial or professional blogging interest.

  • Review existing tasks in P2PU site and on Etherpad (line 91 down)
  • Reflect on working in group

Task Discussion