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Writing #2: Define a schedule and develop a rhythm

The only way your blogging is going to improve is by regularly writing and posting what you write!

This task is about identifying a schedule for your writing, sharing that schedule with the group and then mutually checking up on one other to encourage and support each other in maintaining our writing schedules.

I know that the only way I've managed to regularly exercise is by following the C25K running program. You start out doing short runs intervalled with walking and over weeks build up your stamina. Some of us may want to do similar things with our blogging stamina!

My idea for this task is:

Post your blogging schedule for the next week. At the end of the week check in on how you went and define next week's schedule. This will allow you to respond to upcoming commitments and will help you reflect on your progress week-by-week.


*this task needs improvement*

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