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    posted message: I don't really know what is this all about but i would be very greatful if someone gives me an idea
    posted message: Welcome to all the participants who joined in the past couple of weeks. So far in the course most of the activity has taken place on the Wikiotics site rather than here on P2PU, but things are moving. Feel free to join in here with any comments or questions. Everyone is encouraged to build your own lessons or just tinker with and improve existing ones. Either way I am happy to help or answer any questions. If you just want to follow along, keep an eye out for the rest of our "Build a lesson" blog series. And if any of you are in NYC, we are having a free workshop on all this on October 13th: http://blog.wikiotics.net/2012/09/workshop_and_dimsum/
    posted message: The fourth blog post in my lesson building series is available here: http://blog.wikiotics.net/2012/09/building-a-lesson-podcasts/ and focuses on the building Podcast lessons. Happy to give more details or answer questions/comments here as well as on the blog.
    posted message: Hi everyone: the third of my lesson building blog posts is available here: http://blog.wikiotics.net/2012/09/building-a-lesson-picture-choice/ This one focuses on how to build and organize a picture choice lesson. Lots of examples from existing lessons. Give it a look!
    posted message: The second of my lesson building blog posts is also available and covers choosing a topic, focusing on an audience, and what to click on to physically create a new lesson. You can read it at: http://blog.wikiotics.net/2012/09/building-a-lesson-the-foundation/ the third post will trace my own experience building a new picture choice lesson and look at some other examples of that lesson type already on the site.
    posted message: To help everyone in getting through their first lessons I'm writing a series of blog posts with explanations and tips. The first of these talks about the four different types of lessons you can build and what their strengths and weaknesses are. It is up at: http://blog.wikiotics.net/2012/09/building-a-lesson-the-lesson-types/ Feel free to ask any questions either on the blog on here on the course pages.
    posted message: Hi everyone, Looks like we had a problem with notifications so you may not have seen my earlier messages. Hopefully things are resolved now and we're ready to get started. Welcome to the group and thanks for your interest. Please take a moment to introduce yourselves here: https://p2pu.org/en/groups/build-the-last-language-textbook/content/introduce-yourself-to-the-group/ We will have weekly chat meetings on Thursday at 10:00 New York time (14:00 UTC) please msg me if that is a bad time for you. By next Thursday please have completed the first task "Read the LLT's curriculum" and pick a learning goal from it for your first lesson. We'll talk about how to get started from there during the chat.
    posted message: Correction, the second chat session on Thursday will be at 4:00pm NY time, (20:00 UTC). See everyone there!
    posted message: Ok, This week we are going to focus on outlining your first lesson. Use the wiki or take a piece of scrap paper and write out some simple sentences that illustrate the topic you have chosen. What are the main things you want people to understand or be able to say? Once you have those key sentences we can work together to arrange them from simplest to most complex and see if there are any additional sentences that might help flesh out the outline or any changes in vocabulary that might make it easier for new students. There will be two weekly chat sessions on Thursday, 8 NY time (12:00 UTC) and then at 6pm NY time (22:00 UTC) to be more accessible in other time zones. Next week we will start posting our lessons for peer feedback.
    posted message: Alright everyone. If you haven't already, you should complete the first task, which involves reading through the curriculum outline for the LLT (Last Language Textbook) and looking at the example lessons for each of the four lesson types. I will be I will be in chat tomorrow at 16:00 UTC (12:00 noon New York time) to answer any questions and talk with each of you about which material you are interested in selecting for your first lesson, which we will begin outlining next week. If that is not a good time or day for you to chat normally, please message me with times that work better but please do try and stop by tomorrow, even just for a moment to say hello. Just click on the chat link in the course description.
    posted message: Hi everyone, my name is Ian and I am one of the people behind the Last Language Textbook campaign and the Wikiotics tools we will be using in this course. Welcome and thanks for joining the course! The plan for this first week is to look over the materials while others join. If you want to introduce yourself, please feel free. This is a 10 week course and we will try and start off doing one of the 10 tasks each week then I will have weekly chat hours where we can share ideas and talk through problems. I will also be running periodic local meetups in NYC where I am based so let me know if you are in the area and interested. In p2pu spirit, we will be putting the chat and summaries of our in-person activities online as future class materials.