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Full Description

Why I created this study group

I'm certainly no expert, but I've probably listened to more classical music than the average person. Usually when I listened to classical music I considered it "background noise" that I could integrate into some other action, like studying or reading. It was only when I started trying to learn more about it that I realized how rich and complex this music is. It's an intellectual challenge that I've been passing over for years, and I'd like to finally start learning more about it.

Skills, pre-requisities, and what to expect

Anyone who is willing to spend the time to listen to classical music and analyze it should do well in this study group. Being able to write well and communicate your ideas is important, but you don't need to be a professional writer or anything. You should be prepared to spend some time each week on the tasks. Some classical music can last for an hour or longer, and it's important that you focus most of your attention on the music while you're listening to it (i.e, don't read a book at the same time). Your thoughts and/or analysis should be meaningful and contribute to the group as a whole. No one-liner comments that just say "I really liked this." - Tell us why. What parts did you like specifically? The goal of making this a study group format is so that we can learn from each other.

Looking for a Co-Organizer

I created this study group because I want to learn more about classical music. This is the first time I've organized anything on p2pu, so if anyone is willing to Co-organize with me that would be great. You don't need to know anything about classical music, either.

Task Discussion