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ENG 099 Conversational American English (Dec. 2012) Assignment 1

This assignment is to completed after finishing Lecture 1.


  1.  Publish a response below to this challenge introducing yourself and answering the following 5 questions:
    • What’s your name?
    • Where do you live?
    • Where are you born?
    • Why do you want to improve your English? or, What is your English studying goal?
    • What food do you hate?
  2. Below your introduction, answer these questions:
    • Between “International English” or “Friendly American English” which greeting do you prefer? (1 to 3 sentences)
    • In the Language Talk section, the Teacher says “A spoken word then is the sign of what?” please answer the question in your own words. (2 to 3 sentences).
    • Do you like the short story? Why? (2 to 3 sentences) How much does your apartment cost? More or less than $8? (2 sentences)
  3. Please write 1 question you have for 1 other participant in the MOOC
  4. Answer 2 other people’s questions in their blog comments, or via P2PU, Wikiversity or Facebook
  5. Complete the Paragogical Action Review, or PAR:
    • Review what was supposed to happen
    • Establish what is happening/happened
    • Determine what’s right and wrong with what we are doing/have done
    • What did we learn or change?
    • What else should we change going forward?

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