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And Finally...

A few last useful bits

It is impossible to cover everything in one short course, but hopefully you have found the previous activities useful for enhancng your knowledge and practicing your key skills.

There are a couple of other useful things to consider before starting your AS studies in physics...


1) Rearranging equations

There are a LOT of equations in physics, and being able to manipulate an equation well is vital to success.  If you feel you need more practice at this then we suggest you watch the following video

And this pdf is useful to keep around for the start of your course.  Have a go at the questions.


2) Questioning

Ask questions about everything.  One of the keys to understanding physics is to question what you are seeing.  Whenever you learn about a new concept, your first thoughts (beyond wow, physics is amazing) should be - why is that happening, how is that working and what would happen if...

Never feel ashamed to ask a question - if you have a question the odds are others do too!


And that is the end of the course.  Remember to keep a record of your work to show your physics teacher.  You may now click on this link to get a copy of the certificate that your teachr can sign for you.

Good luck in your AS levels.  It is an exciting time and physics allows you to understand how EVERYTHING works, and if we don't understand it yet, we will one day.  It is people like you that are responsible for making that new understanding happen.

Have fun!

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