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    posted message: Read my blog for Scilab and other numerical computation related posts on http://www.annigeri.in/search/label/Scilab
    posted message: Hi Everyone, With the addition of Session 14 on Data Structures, we have covered all topics that we intended to cover. I was expecting the course to be more active than what it turned out to be. It is uncertain what value it added to the participants. I hope it was useful and got you started with a new skill that will be useful to you. Effectively that is the end of the basics of Scilab. I hope Prof. A.B. Raju will add a few topics on Xcos in a short while. It is in its application to solve real problems that Scilab shines, and what we did has laid a solid foundation to build on. Satish Annigeri
    posted message: Hi Everyone, We are at the end of our second week, and by now you must have completed Session 6: Statistics. Over the next week, I will be posting sessions 7 and 8 on plotting graphs and Scilab programming language. Dr. A.B. Raju will be adding topics on Xcos that he will develop, that is, Session 13 onwards. There has been some activity in the comments of Sessions 5 and 7, but nowhere near what I was hoping for. Let us expect greater activity during the coming weeks. Satish Annigeri
    posted message: Hi Everyone, I am happy to inform you that I am being joined by my colleague Dr. A.B. Raju as an organizer of this course. He has experience working with Xcos, a simulation environment in Scilab. He will add tasks related to Xcos once we are through with the basics. The activity on the course tasks has been a little slack. I hope it will pick up this weekend. Happy learning!
    posted message: By the end of our first week, we must have got through at least the first two tasks. Post your comments at the end of each session to start a discussion, concerning the respective sessions. Considering the fact that no one came online on May 25 and 27, I intend to cut down the interaction sessions to once a week instead of three times a week. I will come online on GoogleTalk on Firday June 3 between 13:30 UTC and 15:30 UTC.
    posted message: I am currently logged in to Gmail with chat status set to Available. Will be online for another hour up to 15:30 UTC (19:00 India Standard Time) Satish
    posted message: Welcome to the Getting Started with Scilab course on the new P2PU site. Now on, all content will be on this new site. Old site will be available for some time, but will become obsolete as new content and comments are added to the new site.