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Balanced lifestyle, balanced energy flow [June 16, 2011, 5:08 a.m.]


Learning objective: All work and no play makes jack a large boy


The task is to balance a virtual metabolism using a spreadsheet as a guide. You need to achieve energy balance or an energy difference of 0. An example of this is below (get your own copy to work on. visit gdocs templates search for 'How your lifestyle affects your metabolism: initial task' and click 'use this template' when you've found it.).  


This is a totally simplified approach to focus solely on the key learning objective. What do you spend your time doing and how does that affect your metabolism.

We use a generic Energy value instead of calories to simplify things further.
The Level 1 spreadsheet is locked so you can't edit it. Either use the Level 1 playground sheet next to it (find it in the tabs at the bottom of the sheet) or create a copy for youself.  Just click the Level 1 tab at the bottom of the sheet. Select 'Copy to..'  from the pop up menu and choose a spreadsheet to copy Level 1 into.