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Full Description

This course is being organized to provide a forum and roadmap for web developers to learn and promote HTML5.  Participants will improve their development skills and help the community to learn and embrace web standards.

Participants need an HTML5 capible browser (such that would score at least 200 points on the HTML5 test). Gecko and WebKit browsers may offer better results and early adoption with the growing HTML5 standard.

In order to submit class tasks, you will need to be comfortable with HTMLpad. Most tasks can be completed on the local end and pasted in to HTMLpad.

Topic Outline

This course is a work in progress and operates under the principles of progressive refinement. Tasks will be added and improved as needed. Participants are enccouraged to improve tasks by correcting typos, adding content, providing pictures and other graphics, adding links to reference materials, etc.

Participants taking this course will be encouraged to demonstrate their competencies in the following concepts:

  • HTML Doctype
  • HTML5 Page structure
  • Tables
  • Lists
  • Inline elements
    • div
    • mark
    • output
    • small
  • Block elements
    • figure
    • footer
    • header
    • hgroup
  • Forms
    • Autofocus
    • HTML elements
      • input (text, textarea, etc)
    • HTML5
      • email
      • range
      • placeholder text
      • url
      • required
  • Canvas
  • Local storage
  • Content editable
  • Media
    • Audio
    • Video
      • Preload
      • Display controls
  • HTML5 Shiv
  • Regular expressions

Task Discussion