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Step 1 - Watch our Getting Started Webinar

STEP #1: Watch, summarize and question the first webinar, attached below.

WATCH: This 30 Minute introduction to TenMarks covers the first several "Getting Started" topics.

SUMMARIZE: Take notes while watching the video, and prepare a short (5 sentences or so) description of what you learned by watching this video. You will "Turn-in" your summary to our culminating task assignment at the end of our time together.

QUESTION: Click the button below and post a comment to the whole group who are learning together in this online module. The question can be a "WOW" which is an observation that strikes you as particularly relevant to your classroom, students or a challenge that you face, or a "WONDER" which is simply a question that you'd like an answer to.

Before or during the video, review our online self-study help center at

Task Discussion