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Step 2 - Experience TenMarks from a Teacher and Student Perspective

It is now your turn. After watching the first TenMarks webinar, you should be ready to complete the following tasks.

DO THESE STEPS in the order described below.

1. Create your TenMarks teacher account (or login if you already have an account) and login. Add a class, and a demo student to your class. Then create one Assignment and send to your class that you just created. Click on the name of your class, then "Download Roster" to get your demo student ID and password. Now logout as a teacher.

2. Login as your Demo Student. First, do 10 Jam Session problems, of any type. Then, complete your Assignment, watch at least one video, and click at least three hints as you do so. Once you have reviewed your responses to the 10 Assignment questions, "Submit" your Assignment. Once you have Submitted your Assignment, Log Out as a student.

3. Now, log back in with your Teacher account. Click on the name of your class, then click on the Demo Student account you created to see a summary of your submitted work. Explore the reporting functionality of TenMarks by clicking also on "Assignments" from the top bar, and then "Open Assignments" and then look at the "Details" of the Assignment. See if you can find the "Insights" section here to find the Most Common Mistakes.

Finally, post a new "Wow" or "Wonder" by clicking the "Reply" button below inside Edmodo. You can either post a new Wow/Wonder, or reply to a colleague.

Did you learn anything in this process that will help you plan or manage the rollout of TenMarks accounts with your students or their parents?

Need an overview of how to do this?  Watch this short video.

Task Discussion