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Step 5 - Exploring TenMarks Assessments and Playlists from a Teacher and Student Perspective

Follow these step by step instructions, then post your comment in the space below.

1. Go to

·      Create your TenMarks teacher account and login, or simply login if you already have an account.

·      Add a class, and a demo student to your class, if you have not already done so.

·      Go to the Assessment tab on your top black tool bar, and create a new Assessment.  You’ll need to specify three items: 

o   Which students will receive the assessment – you can assign it to go to the whole class or just an individual student (either will be fine for this activity)

o   Give the Assessment a name and a due date

o   Choose the grade level and a specific standard, or standards you want to assess.  For this activity, do not choose the Grade Level, but the individual standard

·      Click the Preview button to see a sample of what the Assessment will look like

·      Click “Assign Now” to send your Assessment to your student/s

2. Login as your Demo Student with the account credentials you just created and downloaded.

·      Now, complete your Assessment which should include 6 questions for each standard you are assessing, and Submit

·      Review the immediate feedback you receive on how you have done on the Assessment

·      Log out from your student account

3. Login through your teacher account and review the data and insights you can now see after you have student work submitted.

·      Click on the Assessment tab from the top black bar

·      Click “Open” to review the work just completed under your Demo Student account

·      Choose the Assessment name, and click “View Details”

·      Choose the demo student account and click on the SCORE that you have just received to see actual results of every question answered

·      Now click on Recommendations to see the individual playlist of assignments that have been recommended for your Demo Student, based on the results from the Assessment just taken, click Show Tracks to see how many Personal Assignments are recommended

·      Click “Add to Playlist” to accept these recommendations and add a list of Personal Assignments to your Demo Student’s assigned work

·      Logout


4. Login again as your Demo Student to see your new Personal Assignment

·      Do you see your new Personal Assignment?  If so, click in and move through the problems until the end, review and submit.


·      What happens next?


·      Note:  If your student account has uncompleted work that was assigned to the whole class, you will not yet see any Personal Assignments.  You must have entirely submitted all Class Assignments and/or Amplifiers before Personal Assignments appear for student access. 

·      Note:  All Personal Assignments have a due date of 2 weeks from the first date they are opened.  Teachers can delete Personal Assignments, but due dates cannot be changed at this time


What did you learn from this experience that will help you with planning for the division of whole class activities and personalized work time with TenMarks in your classroom?  Post your reply in the comments below.


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