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Full Description

Since Past 10 years, technology has changed. New mode of communication are rapidly evolving.

Things are getting easier for the end user and complex for the engineeer.

This goup is specifically designed for those, who don't know anything about programming. Yet, they want to learn to program for their various personal, professional and academic purposes.

Knowledge about programming scattered around the various sources, more or less are of technical nature.

Making it difficult to learn for a person who, don't have any technical background. Either don't have prerequisite know - how of computer or internet terminology. Or don't have enough educational - qualification to understand technicalities.

The situation of a person is worsen when he don't have good - enough command over ENGLISH-LANGUAGE. Making him / her unable to convey his messege clearly and effectively. And making him / her unable to understand what said is to him / her OR what is the meaning of a written passage.

It is a long-felt need to find a way to make learning to programming so much easier (in terms of Language usage and the way of explaination (Cross Cultural)) so that any person, anywhere in the world, can easily understand, learn and grasp the subject he intended to learn. No matter where and how he lives, and whatever his lifesyle is.

This study group is a brainchild for the above-said reason and purpose. Is in a development stage. All participants are requested to help in it's syllabus-development.

You can contribute by submitting querries or replying to querries or though giving suggestions, comments.

All comments, suggestions and querries will be monitored daily. Administrator will ask for help with any of the participant whenever he feels need of it.

Please, remember this is the first of it's kind of humble initiative to unveal the knowledge of Computer-Programming to the most disadvantaged around the world through a total unconventional way of teaching and learning.

The success of this group is completely dependent upon it's participants.

Task Discussion