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Bonus Task: test and iterate your course

Find out what works and what doesn't in your challenge


Your task:

  • Test your course and ask friends to test it too.
  • Iterate your course and tell us about it.

Step 1: Testing...1,2,3

 Test your course to see what works and what doesn't.

To complete this challenge test at least one of your peers' challenge. Try to finish the challenge and answer (some of) the following questions. 
  • How long did it take you to complete?
  • Was the challenge fun? What in specific was fun to do?
  • What are the skills you think this challenge aims to teach the learner? How important are they to pursuing the challenge?
  • What other activities, games, websites do you know that teach something similar?
  • Is this challenge worth playing again? Would it lead to different outcomes?
  • How clear and simple were the titles and descriptions?
  • How hard was this challenge to accomplish?
  • Any other adjustments you would make?


Step 2: Do-over!

 Iterate and tweak to improve your course.

If you have collected some feedback about your own challenge and you feel that it could benefit from a revision then go ahead edit your challenge and post a new iteration of your masterpiece on the discussion wall. 

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