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All of us have had the experience of watching an election campaign go badly. Describe your example election campaign, the results, and how the results differed from what you would have thought likely.  Now place yourself in the campaign manger's seat and decide:

1. What would I have needed to know about the voters to have managed the campaign differently?
2. What was the primary mechanisms for reaching the voters? Volunteers? Media? How could that have been changed?
3. Was I short on money? How could I have overcome money problems? Where should money have been spent?
4. What was the structure of the campaign organization? How could it have been improved? Include the role of the candidate in this description.

If you need an example of a campaign for this exercise, you could try the recent Massachussetts Senate election. If you are in another country, I'm sure you have your own famous examples. Also, feel free to use your own experiences in election campaigns.