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Full Description

NaNoWriMo and P2PU are two of my favorite projects, so this year, I’m bringing them together.

This space is a writing support group for those writing a novel for NaNoWriMo 2012.
I don’t expect people to spend a lot of time here, because hopefully we’ll all be writing our novels.

This group is mostly for folks who went through the Oct. prep group together (please join us there as well), but anyone can join. (Last year, I went through a prep group with a group of really great writers, but then when Nov. came, we all lost touch.)

What might happen here:

  • Post your NaNo widget with word counts.
  • Ask for help. (What’s a great name for a runaway Tanzanian kid? What kind of food was typical in the 1600s? Why am I doing this??)
  • Give help. (See above.)
  • Anything else that helps move along your novel.
  • And on December 1 – celebrate!

If you tweet, use #nanowrimo and #p2pu to connect with us all there.

But mostly, just write the damn novel! Oh, yeah, and support us all in doing the same.

Task Discussion