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Pre-Flight Checklist

Self-assessment and introduction

Welcome! This is the first "serious" programming challenge in the Webcraft 101 series, and is meant to take you through some important and exciting web programming concepts.

Like all challenges, this challenge is not meant to teach you what you need to complete it, but rather to provide a means for you to demonstrate (and practice) important skills through guided exercises. Some people have already picked up these skills, while others are using the challenge to guide their peer-based or personal study. It's all up to you. 

You can take as long as you like to complete the challenges. But keep in mind that research shows it helps to set aside dedicated time when learning new things, and to keep a consistent pace.  An exciting side-effect is that often, a fuzzy kind of virtual cohort emerges when several people are actively involved in the challenge. Who knows, you might find yourself being swept along in the excitement :). 

To complete this first task, introduce yourself, say a few things about your background ("total n00b" is just fine!), and feel free to share any fears or questions you have about taking the challenge. 

Welcome to Programming with APIs!

Task Discussion