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Victory is Yours!

Comment your code and post it online

Now, like a proud parent, review your code. Add comments that you think would be helpful for people trying to understand your code. You don't need to over comment (especially if you wrote nice, self-documenting code), but imagine your target audience as yourself-- before you started this challenge.

And here's a hint: the most likely person to, hypothetically, be reading your code in the future is... you! You, a year from now, when you are desperately trying to remember how you did something. Be kind to your future self. 

Finally, create or log into an account on one of the many online source code hosting websites. These websites are used for hosting, and tracking revisions to, your code. They are very useful both for collaborating and making sure you don't lose anything.

Use whichever site you prefer - github, launchpad, bitbucket, even your own server, or something else. Note that each of these sites offers a different revision control system, and discussing the merits of each is beyond the scope of this challenge. However, it's not a binding decision, so feel free to pick one and try it. As an example, check out P2PU's various source code projects on github

To complete this challenge, post a link to your public code in the comments. You are also welcome to post any feedback about this challenge, including parts that could be improved!

Task Discussion