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Unleash Your Curiosity

Choose a query for your API call


Time to get started! In this challenge, we will be using the Twitter API. The first task in this challenge is simply to identify a query that interests you. You might already have one in mind, or you may need to spend some time and think about one.
Perhaps you are passionate about politics or a particular current event. Maybe it's your city or a certain area of science. A sports team? A feeling? A recent news story? For example, try out a twitter search on "toronto," "peer review," "python" or "#hungry". 
Click on the links above. Try some of your own queries and skim through the results to see if you're happy with your query.
To complete this challenge, post below at least one query that interests you and consistently returns several results. In particular, if you choose something too unusual or esoteric, there might not be any results, and that woudn't be much fun. 
Beyond having enough results, what makes a good query? How about a bad query? Some things to think about include how specific or general a query is, how time-sensitive, possible synonyms, overloading of hash tags, etc.

Task Discussion