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Ideate/Brainstorm - Step 5


WHAT is it?

Ideation is the process of idea generation. Mentally it represents a process of “going wide” in terms of concepts and outcomes. Ideation provides the fuel for building prototypes and driving innovative solutions.

WHY do we teach it?

Ideate in order to step beyond obvious solutions. We ideate to harness the collective perspectives and strengths of our teams. We ideate to create fluency (volume) and flexibility (variety) in our innovation options.

HOW do we teach it?

We ideate in teams, though we can also ideate individually. We ideate using many techniques.

Some suggestions

Use Twitter or Edmodo, facebook or Skype to reach out to other classrooms or people ask for their ideas
  • Look to the commercial world for ideas
  • Invite Parents, Community leaders
  • Try different creativity techniques
  • Use collaborize to collect and vote


Resources & tools

Ideate Mode card:

For more on this mode visit The-Kit

What worked

What didn't

Task Discussion