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What's going on/Needfinding - Step 3

Questions. We need beautiful catalytic questions to generate great answers. "How might we" questions are good. Questions that inspire action, that are generative are going to get you more positive results.

Find out more about generating great questions, one's that inspire action here in The Art of Powerful Questions.

The question is also an effective way of asking, “Why are we doing this?” It is especially useful for activities that involve others, as it helps to build a common vision. 

There are two basic kinds of need finding tools: observations and interviews.
Successful tools often display some basic principles. Understanding the anatomy of a good need finding tool will help you use the tools to their full potential and even invent some of your own.

Question Bank

Here are some guiding questions. Feel free to add your questions here. Anyone can edit this document.

  • Why are we doing this?
  • What is the ideal learning environment?
  • What role should students play in determining their learning choices and outcomes?
  • Are students today different? What do they want?
  • How can we inspire and engage students today?
  • Is there a better space to learn?
  • Is there a more productive way to learn?
  • How to be get there? How will we know when we've succeeded?
  • Should we take the classroom into the community?
  • Should we make the school a 24hr learning hub for the entire community to use?
  • Where does play fit into 21st Century learning?
  • How should we use games, mobile devices, location based services in our learning?
  • How does social media and social networking fit in to learning today?


Resources & tools

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