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Participating, writing and sharing in an increasingly digital and connected world


Moving into this week's focus on participation and sharing … let's begin by looking at a few examples of powerful writing/composition and participation.

A recently posted resource by Danielle Filipiak, a teacher in Detroit, is called Using Media to (Re) Claim The Hood: Essential Questions & Powerful English Pedagogy explores what it could look like to create spaces for students to have "humanizing writing and literacy experiences". 

Teachers from the San Diego Writing Project created this Writing for Change resource in Digital Is. Through this window into their youth summer camp, we see San Diego teachers and students starting with a focus on accessibility and relevance that leads to powerful literacy practices. 

Robert Rivera-Amezola from Philadelphia shares with us a Fourth Grade Service-Learning Project where students, including many who are English Language Learners, use a range of tools to research, write, and share their work with the larger community.

And, another interesting story that has recently been in the news: Through Video, Lakota Students Reject Stereotypes ... connected to this video: More Than That

In what ways do these speak to issues of what it means to participate, write and share in an increasing digitally connected world? And what questions are raised?

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