posted message: Has anyone already read this great article:|CAJS10 Toward a Personal Learning Environment Framework From abstract: ...despite isolated achievements, technology-enhanced learning (TEL) has not succeeded in revolutionizing education and learning processes. Most current TEL initiatives still take a centralized technology-push approach in which learning content is pushed to a predefined group of learners in closed environments. ****A fundamental shift toward a more open and learner-pull model for learning is needed.**** (Sorry if this is "old" for somebody, I did not scan your plans for it - I found it via Twitter, @leighblackall)
posted message: Have you noticed that there is a "feedback" button floating on the left? It will lead to a nice feedback system, where you can report problems easily AND vote for bugs others have reported. Let's all find one bug/annoying feature and report it! Therefore we can help to make this a better learning environment.
posted message: First: the P2PU is great and there are plenty of nice features. But: there is something "wrong" with the user interface. I think it is sometimes hard to navigate, to find the thing you are looking for. Does anyone else of you share the same feeling?