posted message: Hello everyone!

Happy Wednesday morning. :)

I see 55 final projects submitted to the final project list here:

Reminder: Assessment gets underway **today**. If you have not submitted your final project yet -- not just to the P2PU task, but into the Wufoo form -- you should do so ASAP this morning.

If we get underway with assessment and your final project isn't in that list, your project won't get reviewed. :( That would be very sad!

Thanks to everyone who's submitted already. :)

-- The Management
posted message: Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday.

Just a reminder that there's NO LECTURE TODAY. ;)

Why? Well, because you should be well on your way to completing & submitting your final project.

To meet our deadline to get invitations for the next phase out on time, we need to start reviewing & assessing the final projects ASAP, so please be sure to have yours submitted by the end of the day today.

Many proposals have already been submitted. You can find them here:

Good luck today! Onward.

-- The Management
posted message: Hi folks! It's home run time. :)

After I grab another coffee and polish off a blog post, I'll be responding to direct messages that came in on Friday and over the weekend.

We'll also be sending out a #MozNewsLab survey later today, or tomorrow morning, so keep your eyes out for that.

Many thanks to those that have already submitted their projects.

To the rest of you: Good luck today. Keen to see your final projects.

-- The Management
posted message: LinkedIn Group (if you happen to be on LinkedIn):

If there are other services (I think someone was keeping a Google+ list, etc.), please post them! :)

-- The Management
posted message: Just a quick reminder, as I've received many e-mails / direct messages about it already: if you need the weekend to finish your final project -- that's aok -- you can submit it on Monday. No later! :)
posted message: Part II -- the Q&A -- is up now also:
posted message: Uploaded! Yesterday's mind-blowing @JefJarvis talk for #MozNewzLab (Part 1 of 2). Enjoy. :)
posted message: Hello! Just a quick note on timing for the final project (I've been asking this a couple times, so I thought I would just send out a quick answer to everyone): the final project is due on Friday _but_ we are giving everyone an automatic exertion until Monday at 5PM Pacific. If you're finished on Friday, great. If you need the weekend, take it. **If you need an extension beyond the Monday, please get in touch with Jacob, Alex, or yours truly _before_ the end of the week to discuss.**