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    posted message: Hi All, I have closed signup for the study group as there are no active groups going through any of the chapters right now. If you are interested in organising a new session please let me know. cheers, Jos
    posted message: For those of you that are not in the google group, this message has just been sent: Ok guys, there's enough people for a new group, and we are in October already so, when do you guys want to meet? all happy with using IRC freenode #sicp channel? I would propose staring next week, on Sundays, before the chapter 2 meet up that we should start organising again. Chapter 1 meetup at 2pm EST 6 pm GMT Chapter 2 meetup at 3pm EST 7 pm GMT Please note that some places are on DST so times above are 2pm New York, 7pm London for Chapter 1. (also note that I always mess up timezones, so if this is wrong please let us know!) Please let me know what you guys think and we should skip today cause of the short notice. everybody happy? cheers, José
    posted message: Hi all, it's been a very quiet couple of weeks in IRC and the Google group. We need to get back into action! We are opening a new Chapter 1 group starting in October and we will continue with the meeting fro Chapter 2 on freenode #sicp on Sundays at 7pm GMT. If you want to join in Chapter 1 please say hi here: https://groups.google.com/group/p2pu-sicp/browse_thread/thread/7c0aefd7fb2f78b?hl=en cheers, Jos
    posted message: Hey all, could all of you who wish to participate in the new Chapter 1 group let me know what time suits for meetings? I've just started a thread in the google group so if you could reply there, that'd be great! thanks! Jos
    posted message: Hi guys, some of us will start Chapter 2 this week so it would be a great time to get another Chapter 1 group started for those of you who signed up a bit late or for any reason could not follow the group so far. If anyone is interested in getting Chapter 1 meetings (starting from scratch) please let me know and I'll arrange them. This new group could benefit from the experience of the previous group. Get in touch if you guys are interested! Jos
    posted message: Hi guys, a quick reminder of the meeting in a couple of hours. There is a new chat functionality in the P2PU site, maybe we could give it a go? Let's meet in irc anyway and decide then. See you in a bit!
    posted message: Hey guys! a quick reminder of the meeting today at 7pm GMT and 3pm EST. freenode, room #sicp see you there! Jos PS: Thanks to Ernestas for taking care of the logs last tuesday!
    posted message: Hey all, a quick remainder about the meeting tomorrow. 7pm GMT, 3pm EST, freenode #sicp. Everybody welcome! Jos
    posted message: Thanks everyone for coming along to the first meeting! Please check the google group for all the info discussed. I'll see you on Sunday!
    posted message: And I got the times WRONG!!! 7pm GMT is not 3pm EST: so sorry about that! We will start the meeting 45 minutes from now, at 7pm GMT, which is 4pm EST. Sorry again for the inconvenience and talk to you guys soon!
    posted message: First Meeting today at 7pm GMT, 3pm EST. We will use irc (freenode) and the room is #sicp. We will just be talking about organisation for the group. I realise some of you are on a different timezone and time does not suit. Please let me know if someone in or near EST wants to organise an additional meeting and we can talk about how to organise it. Many thanks and talk to you guys in a couple of hours! Jos
    posted message: Right guys, are you ready to start this up? What about a meeting next week, say Tuesday the 14th about 7pm. GMT? We can choose whatever communication system you prefer, from skype to Open Wonderland, or a simpler solution (gmail chat?). If you haven't done it yet, please join our google group at: http://groups.google.com/group/p2pu-sicp?hl=en_US Cheers, Jos
    posted message: Hi guys, sorry for all the delays... we are almost there! Next week is going to be a bit busy but we will launch after that. In the meantime, please don't forget the sign up task! Anyone going to the UK Software Craftsmanship conference on Thursday the 26th? would be cool to see some of you there! cheers, Jos
    posted message: Hi all, could you please sign up for the google group that we'll be using for asynchronous communication (if you haven't done so already)? The group is at: http://groups.google.com/group/p2pu-sicp Many thanks!