publicó mensaje: Hello, everybody! This is a support group for all self-learners that want to learn how to make iPhone applications. We can share links and sources of inspiration. Additionally, we can meet up online as well, share and correct each other's code in a supportive environment ;-)
publicó mensaje: Hello everybody. If you are a subscriber and have been waiting to participate for a while, that wait is now over. Recent changes to the university mean that you can now add yourself as a participant and join us! Press the "participate" button on the left-hand sidebar (under "People"). We are looking forwards to meeting up with you - and reading your blogs.
publicó mensaje: Good job on the blog aggregator, @Pippa. Subscribed. You'll have to show me how to do that Pipe-y thing.
publicó mensaje: I've added a couple of extra people to participate in the study group. I know we are feeling it out still, but are we limiting participant numbers? Is there a rationale as to why some people have /not/ yet been added? I know that some followers will feel frustrated by the waiting, and I would rather add more people than not. I am aware that there could be issues with scale - but we can talk about that.
publicó mensaje: Ah! That would be why, lol.
publicó mensaje: Hi everybody, have I missed the Friday meeting - or are we not having one this week?
publicó mensaje: Excellent meeting today.