posted message: @Pippa I'm proposing a date next weekend - this weekend may not be enough notice for the group. Speaking to each other on a weekly basis can help this to "feel" real - I have a sense that we are all waiting for something to happen. Let's use Voxli for voice ( and TitanPad for live typing ( I can show you how to use these tools if you are unfamiliar - message me. Suggested agenda: 1. Introducing Myself 2. About My Blog 3. Why write? This is a brilliant syllabus foundation > I can organise the times but perhaps you should - let me know before the weekend. If it's time sensitive, grab me on Twitter.
posted message: Are we going to meet online? The best study group experiences I had were with Karen [Entrepreneurial Marketing] and Matt [PHP for beginners]. Once a week met in a chat room. It really helps to foster a strong sense of group identity. Plus, we could all do little experiments in live writing and /talk/ about our ideas. What do you think? I know that would be helpful - and encouraging - to me.