Week 5: Share your work - April 15

Join this Blackboard Collaborate room on Thursday, April 18 at 3:00pm US Pacific time/UTC-7 (convert to your timezone here). We are revisiting Collaborate this week for participants who have had trouble with Google hangout!

Sorry you missed it!

Topics for discussion at virtual meetup

  1. Share remixes. Discuss, give feedback and critiques, especially in regards to attributions.
  2. What questions do you still have about attribution and remix? What issues did you come across?
  3. For the second mission below, decide whether to work in groups, on your own, or with your students. Decide on groups in this session.
  4. For those who would like to work with their students, discuss ways to incorporate this activity into existing curriculum. Is there a general unit this would fit into best? Or a unit on digital storytelling, library media, technology, multimedia creation, media literacy, or research in any field?

Your mission for the next week:

(due Sunday, April 21)

Your mission for the next 2 weeks:

(due Sunday, April 28)

  • Create or adapt an existing resource that explains what you just learned about Creative Commons (basics, finding, remixing, and sharing materials) to your students. This can be anything from a simple handout to a short video or even a webcast.
  • Bonus: Do this with your students!

Additional resources for publishing under CC:

Potential resources about CC to adapt:

Tools for storytelling, mash-ups, and more:


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