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General: Identify Useful Learning Resources

Let's collaboratively build a library of resources for this group. I know that I spend a lot of time procrastinating by looking at productivity blogs and writing sites, when it would be easier to just sit and write!

Let's share those links and use them to identify tasks that we can work on.

There are some links added already to the External Links section, but it may be more productive to we use this task area to organise links by category. My category ideas are:

Blogging Practice

Writing for the Web (general)

Writing (general)

Suggested Tools

  • EtherPad [free]
  • Ulysses: a "no nonsense" text editor for word-warriors [paid]
  • Tinderbox: a peerless, powerful writing tool. Somebody once described this as the equivalent for writers to Photoshop for photographers. High praise, even as the learning curve has you doing mental push-ups [paid]

Non Web Resources

How To Respond To This Task

"Edit" this task (the button is to the top of the page) and add your link to one of the categories above. If you can't find a suitable category, please create your own!

Task Discussion