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Expand your outline

Add explanations to your lesson outline. These can be direct explanations inside the lesson, like when the instructor explains elements during a podcast. They can also be additional context material, to highlight a particular learning goal. For instance, in picture choice lessons,  you may introduce new vocabularly using previously known vocabulary, to help identify the correct picture. Explanations can, as well, be textual explanations written on a wiki page.

Once you have some explanation for the key materials in your outline, try to add some repetition to give students an opportunity to practive the new material. In a podcast lesson, this can take the form of additional direct repetitions when a phrase is introduced, questions further along in a lesson asking you to recall information from earlier on, or simply repeating the exemple material. In picture choice lessons or storybooks, repetition can take the form of re-using old vocabulary with new pictures, re-combining old and new vocabulary terms, or simply making longer lessons and continuing to use the new terms throughout.

Feel free to ask for feedback on your explanations or approaches to repeat material, using this task's discussion thread.

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