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Read the LLT's curriculum outline

The Last Language Textbook's (LLT) curriculum is broken down into six different sections called "stages". This gives us an easy way of organizing lessons based on the skills they teach and what materials students should already know when taking them. The six curriculum stages are available here:

Level 1, Stage 1
Level 1, Stage 2
Level 1, Stage 3
Level 2, Stage 1
Level 2, Stage 2
Level 2, Stage 3

Each stage has an outline of learning goals, organized by what kind of lesson we thought would best teach them. The Wikiotics platform we are using currently supports four basic lesson types:

Picture Choice

Text multiple choice


Take a look at the four lesson types listed above. Click on the edit button at the bottom of the page and see how the different elements combine.

Your first task is to familiarize yourself with the curriculum by reading the learning goals for each stage and playing with each of the lesson types. In your next task we will go through the process of choosing a learning goal for your own lesson so you will want to see how these goals progress through the different stages.

Some things to think about when looking through the learning goals:

  • What kind of material could you use to teach each goal?
  • Do the individual goals fit with the lesson type they are written under?
  • Are there other related goals and skills students need, that are missing from the list?

Think about what you would want to find as a student just starting to study the English language. What aspects of the language do you find tricky? If you have studied multiple languages, what sort of materials have been useful or difficult for you in your own studies? Feel free to use the "Discuss" link on the top of each stage's page to talk about any of these issues as you think of them.

Task Discussion